Jump-Start Solutions

ParaRisk™Claims Management Software

Work in a claims department? Handle a self-managed program? Or are you a third-party administrator? ParaRisk™ might be the solution you need to begin with. It's the perfect jump-start - that is build your solution on top of - foundation to get you up and running and handling your own claims management issues.


Designed to help handle paperwork, phone calls, letters, government reports, bills and deadlines.

First reports are a breeze.

Works as a standalone or a multi-user system.

Want to own the source code? You can!

Want to have it designed to work as your claims department needs it to. You can!

Our largest user manages the claims department of a large trucking company. They manage work comp, auto liability, property damage, marine, as well as other types of claims.

Need special report to AIG, ISO, Medicare? We got you covered.

For more complete information please contact us and let’s see how we can help.

Ongoing Support

We also offer monthly support contracts which provides the ability to keep your software incrementally improving while providing both ongoing and emergency support when it’s needed.

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